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Truth or Fiction?

The start of a brand new week and time to chat to a fellow historical fiction writer. Look at Rosemary Noble’s  impressive array of work.   Rosemary has written the Currency Girls trilogy, an entertaining an edifying series of novels … Continue reading

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Eric Newby’s classic WW2 account

Here is my review of “Love and War in the Apennines” that I finished reading again today. I would have given it more than 5 stars. If you are at all interested in Italy, then I recommend this wholeheartedly. I … Continue reading

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p.s. to Old and New

I hope this link to the film about the Wolves (that doesn’t work for my last blog) is now correct: The Snow Wolf

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Old and new

  We’ve seen in New Year in Tuscany. It’s crisp, clear and cold here. At night it descends to -10 and and remnants of snow cling to the hillside by day. It’s refreshing. I love Christmas; I love to be … Continue reading

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